Per person and night 6.50 SFr.
Juvenile 4 to 14 years per night 4.50 SFr.
Tent / camper to 6m per night 8.50 SFr.
Large tents / campers over 6m per night 9.50 / 12.50 SFr.
Camping bus/engine caravan per night 12.50 / 15.50 SFr.
Car 4.00 SFr.
Motorbike, Mofas per night 2.00 SFr.
Bicycles on site per night 1.00 SFr.
Emptying and per unit / night 10.00 / 12.00 SFr.
Cure tax starting from 14 years per night 1.00 SFr.
Power connection (per stay) 3.00 SFr.
Light-current per a kWh 1.00 SFr.
Light-current starting from that 15. Day per a kWh 0.70 SFr.
sweepings tax per person and night 0.60 SFr.
Dog per night 2.50 SFr.
Camping bus - disposal + drinking water 4.00 / 6.00 SFr.
Large campers and touring buses

Price on request!

Daily visitor and Picknicker:
per person
per parking lot

1.00 SFr
3.00 SFr
All taxes are inclusive value added tax the departure must before 12.00 o'clock take place, since we must compute otherwise further fees.

Arriving campers and visitor have themselves to announce immediately.

Price adjustments remain reserving without advance notice.